Labour Cooperative Group is an experienced manager of casual work forces. Our aim is to reduce our client’s cost, risk and ensure value for money. We have been operating in the labour hire industry since 1986 and we employ more than 3000 staff every year. Our experience and knowledge, as a provider of labour hire services and our commitment to transparency and ethical business practices, has resulted in us being regarded as a supplier of choice by like-minded companies and government agencies.

Benefits to Clients

  • No placement fee – Labour Cooperative Group does NOT charge a placement fee for transitioning casual employees to permanent or full-time work after 3 months
  • Fully vetted staff, using Labour Cooperative’s comprehensive pre-employment health and functional assessment processes
  • Reduced workplace costs
  • Commitment to safe work environments through site inspection, induction programs and equitable rates of pay
  • ISO 9001:2008 Web-based Quality Assurance management system
  • Industry leaders for more than two decades
  • Surplus funds re-directed to training staff to provide clients with a wider selection of qualified staff

The Labour Cooperative Group management process includes:

  • Recruitment, advertising and screening
  • Pre-employment health, functional assessments, drug and alcohol screening
  • Inductions, record keeping, training registers
  • WHS management
  • Accident investigations, Return-to-work management
  • Full payroll management
  • Consultation, conciliation, disciplinary action and dismissal
  • Rostering and 24-hour emergency response
  • Transitioning employees to full-time employment, without incurring a placement fee after 3 months

Labour Cooperative Group philosophy is to provide our clients with the widest selection of skilled staff available, in a safe and equitable environment and to expand our business as a means to gaining more people full-time employment, while receiving fair pay and conditions.