The Labour Cooperative Group is a not-for-profit, self funded, co-operative founded on 7 April 1986 (as Hunter Labour Co-op) by a group of metal trades people, members of Australian Metal Workers Union (AMWU).

They devised the concept of establishing a co-operative to assist with the out-placement of like-minded workers retrenched by the closure of the Newcastle based State Dockyard.

Initially a research project to establish a permanent labour co-operative, it gained support funding from the AMWU and the Workers Co-operative Program, which at the time was a unit of the NSW Ministry of Employment. It quickly became apparent that there was a longer term need for the co-op’s services: Labour Co-operative Ltd was then formed in late 1986.

From this humble start Labour Co-operative Ltd has grown with subsidiary offices now located throughout NSW; and has built a reputation as an experienced manager of casual workforces and cost effective recruitment solutions.

As a not-for-profit organisation Labour Co-operative Ltd and its subsidiaries have gone from strength to strength. The Newcastle Head Office now oversees offices at Wollongong and Tamworth. Our Board of Directors give freely of their services and expertise.

The role of Labourco (our subsidiary) has evolved since its inception as a helping hand to blue collar workers to a provider of staff in many areas: from trades to labour, administrative and secretarial, industrial and process workers. Over the past three years more than 1000 casual employees have gained fulltime employment (at no cost to the host employer).

Surplus funds generated by Labourco assist with retraining to enhance the employability of workers reinforcing our philosophy of treating our employees with dignity and respect while receiving fair pay and conditions.