Clients use Labour Cooperative Group to:

  • Save both time and money by selecting the most functionally capable workers.
  • Educate candidates in the correct technique for physical job requirements.
  • Quality service at a competitive rate based on our not-for-profit philosophy.
  • Clear and detailed information with efficient and accurate reporting.
  • Create awareness and improved safety in the workplace.
  • Reduce workers compensation costs and minimise the impact of workplace injury.
  • Reduce down time and loss of productivity from potential injury/illness absences.
  • Assist in reducing potential liability and risk.

Labour Cooperative Group provides long term solutions to increase the overall health and productivity of your workplace. This includes pre-employment functional assessments, health screening and monitoring, drug screening, health promotion and training, as well as a host of other services.

Our qualified health professionals work with you to ensure that potential candidates meet the skill and physical job requirements through task analysis and pre-employment functional assessments. Lifting capacity, aerobic fitness, postural tolerances, health screening and range of motion (ROM) are just some of the features of our Pre-employment Functional Assessments.


Labour Cooperative Group Commitment Charter:

Labour Cooperative Group / Attain Health will commit to:

  •           Booking a health assessment within 24 hours of request.
  •           Maintaining regular available appointment times for booking functional assessments. Labour Cooperative Group /Attain Health is open to discuss bookings outside normal work hours if requested.
  •           Completing the pre-employment functional assessment within 48 hours of request pending availability of immediate appointment times.
  •           Providing verbal feedback to the client within 1 hour of completion of the pre-employment functional assessment if this is required e.g. if there were any issues, referrals made etc.
  •           Providing a written report for the pre-employment functional assessment within 48 hours.
  •           Keeping information on the pre-employment functional assessment on file for future reference.
  •           Providing recommendations about suitability for employment based on task analysis or job/role description.
  •            Discussing improvements for safety in the workplace with clients if the need is identified through task analysis and/or health monitoring results.
  •           Reviewing the pre-employment health history questionnaire and issuing a medical advice form and/or request for doctor’s clearance if an underlying condition is identified that may impact the ability for the individual to complete the assessment.

Labour Cooperative Group / Attain Health maximises output by:

  • Comparing employee health questionnaires to functional assessment results.
  • Correct interpretation and cross checking of data ensures the correct decisions being made regarding employment. Incorrect interpretation may result in a costly mistake.
A healthy workforce means lower absenteeism, greater productivity, improved safety and a healthier bottom line. Browse over to our Health Services page for detailed information on what we can do for your workplace.
The Labour Cooperative Health service includes:
  • Pre-Employment Health & Functional Assessments
  • Task Analysis
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening (Urine & Saliva)
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Health Promotion Education & Awareness
  • Audiometric Screening
  • Spirometry